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Nicaragua: The cost of freedom

The Ortega – Murillo dictatorship has freed 222 political prisoners by deporting them from Nicaragua to the United States. We are relieved to know that among them are members of our sister party, Unamos, including its president Suyen Barahona, recipient of the Progressive Alliance’s Human Rights Award 2022 for outstanding political courage.

However, this release comes at the unacceptable price of being being accused of treason, deprived of their nationality and having their property captured, for them and 94 other people who democratically oppose the dictatorship. This is without forgetting the political prisoners still detained.

In this dossier you will find video statement delivered to Progressive Alliance by Suyen Barahona, President of Unamos, a week after her release following 605 days in prison, declarations of the Progressive Alliance of the Americas, of Unamos and of other members of our alliance.

Transcript of the video in ENG: Transcript of Suyen Barahona’s video statement

– Declaration of the Progressive Alliance of the Americas (APLA) on the release of 222 Nicaraguan political prisoners:

– Declaration of Unamos: Declaration Unamo Nicaragua 16 Feb 23

– Declaration of Partido Por la Democracia – PPD – Chile: PPD Chile – Nicaragua Feb 23 ENG

– Declaration of Permanent Foreign Policy Forum: Declaratión Nicaragua Permanent Foreign Politicy Forum

– Declaration of The Latin American Association for Human Rights – ALDHU: Declaration Nicaragua ALDHU – ENG