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8 March – International Women’s Day 2023

Progressive Parties have been at the forefront of fights for gender equality and against gender discrimination, but it needed strong women to engage and to lead the fight. In many parties of our family they are in the lead, but we cannot stay there.

Progress has been made; however the gender pay gap is still a reality even in the most riches part of the world. And women are every day victims of all kind of violence, in particular in war zones being in Ukraine, Syria, Tigray or others.

In Iran brave women led the protest against the mullah regime and continue to stand up for their rights. In times of societal roll back in too many countries and around the world reproductive rights continue to be denied, not only in dictatorial, authoritarian, or illiberal regimes.

Equality in rights and treatment is more than the right to vote for which women started to fight beginning if last century. Gender equality shall and must be on the progressive agenda more than one day a year!