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APLA Statement: Stop the Coup underway in Guatemala

Download the statement: EN Declaración APLA Guatemala

APLA, the regional platform in the Americas of the global Progressive Alliance made up of political parties, foundations and progressive organisations from all over the region, expresses its rejection of the actions led by the Attorney General María Consuelo Porras, who is trying to disregard the results of the general elections that gave the victory as legitimate constitutional President to Cesar Bernardo Arévalo de León of the Semilla Movement.

In the last few hours, these destabilisation actions, which constitute a coup d’état in progress, have intensified, including the raid and confiscation of the minutes of the election results, which were in the possession of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

We call on the Guatemalan judicial and political authorities to guarantee respect for the will of the people, and on all democratic governments in the region to express their support for the elected binomial and for the upholding of constitutional guarantees in the country.

The international community must take action to preserve the electoral result that reflects the will of the vast majority of Guatemalans.


Organizaciones miembros de APLA firmantes:
Argentina: Partido Socialista – Centro de Estudios Municipales y Provinciales; Brasil: Partido Socialista Brasileño; Chile: Partido Socialista – Partido Por la Democracia; Costa Rica: Partido Acción Ciudadana; México: Movimiento Ciudadano – Partido de la Revolución Democrática – Fundación de Estudios Políticos, Económicos y Sociales Progresistas; Nicaragua: UNAMOS; Paraguay: Partido País Solidario; República Dominicana: Partido Revolucionario Moderno; Venezuela: Avanzada Progresista – Cambiemos – MAS (Movimiento al Socialismo)