Seminar “Migration and Social Justice”, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, 12-13 October 2018

Event Date   12. – 13.10.2018
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At the invitation of our sister party People’s Movement for Progress (MPP), we will continue this central discussion on migration on 12-13 October 2018 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. At the focus of the seminar is the question of social justice in the migration debate.

The world is in motion and that is how it will remain in the coming years. The 21st century is characterized by significant population shifts. Migration is increasing around the globe. Migration between countries of the Global South has already overtaken migration movements from south to north. It is due time to build up a global understanding of flight and migration and their impact on our societies as well as to come up with a comprehensive common strategy based on solidarity and partnership.

The second main focus will be Empowerment of Youth and Women. Equality and equal treatment regardless of sex or age, sexual orientation and gender identity, religion or ethnic background are the foundation of our progressive, social democratic and socialist values. The liberation from the position of powerlessness, the struggle for equal rights, and the participation of and opportunities for the youth and women are core tasks of our movement. With this debate we want to develop joint strategies and to share best practices on how to stop rollbacks and how to strengthen our fight in this field.

As it became good practice, we will start our seminar with a meeting of the Steering Committee to discuss all important political and organisational aspects of our network. Another important part of the seminar will be the working group where we will learn about the recent developments in the region.


Dear comrades, dear friends, this seminar will not only be an excellent occasion to continue our political debates. It will also be a great opportunity to exchange experiences, to learn about best practices and to deepen our progressive network.

For more information about the seminar, please find enclosed the draft program, the technical details and the registration form.

Please get registered for the seminar in Ouagadougou at the latest on 28 September 2018. We are looking forward to the confirmation of your participation and to seeing you in Burkina Faso.


Draft program (9 October 2018 )

Seminar of the Progressive Alliance: Migration and social justice

12 – 13 October 2018, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso



Friday, 12 Octobre 2018

Venue: Hotel Palace, Ouaga 2000, Ouagadougou


8h00                Registration


9h00                Meeting of the Steering Committee (not open to the press),

All parties and associated organizations of the Progressive Alliance are entitled to send delegates to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee prepares the seminar, discusses resolutions and the upcoming activities of the Progressive Alliance.

Chaired by Konstantin Woinoff, Coordinator, Progressive Alliance


Moussa Boly, Vice-president, Member of the Board of Progressive Alliance, People’s Movement for Progress (MPP), Burkina Faso

Introduction into the draft resolutions

Konstantin Woinoff

Current Reports


10h30              Coffee Break


11h00             Report and discussion on the political situation in African countries (without press)

Désiré Léopold Kouidé, National Secretary, Cap Union for Democracy and Development (CAP-UDD), Ivory Coast

Stephen Msami, Principle Assistant Secretary Political and International Relations, Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), Tanzania

Joakim Mukuasa, International Secretary, Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS Congo), Democratic Republic of the Congo

NN, People’s Movement for Progress (MPP), Burkina Faso

Moderator : Amed Tiendrebeogo, Vice-President, International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY)


12h30             Lunch


14h00             Plenary session (open to the press)


14h00              Opening

Konstantin Woinoff, Coordinator, Progressive Alliance


14h05              Welcome and key note

Clément Sawadogo, Minister, People’s Movement for Progress (MPP), Burkina Faso


14h20              Introductory speeches on migration and social justice

Bonaventure Mbaya, President, Citizens’ Convergence (CC), Republic of the Congo

Fabian Molina, Member of Parliament, Social Democratic Party of Switzerland, Switzerland


14h50             Leaders’ Debate on Migration and Social Justice

Naoufal Abahar, Member of the Board, Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP), Morocco

Moussa Boly, Vice-President, Member of the Board of PA, People’s Movement for Progress(MPP), Burkina Faso

Gorgui Ciss, International Secretary, Socialist Party (PS), Senegal (tbc)

Peter Hummelgaard, Member of Parliament, Social Democratic Party, Denmark

Martin Ziguélé, President, Member of the Board of PA, Movement for the Liberation of the Central African People (MLPC), Central African Republic

Moderator : Evin Incir, Deputy International Secretary, Swedish Social Democratic Party (SAP), Sweden


16h00             Family photo


16h15              Video


16h20              Introductory speeches on empowering young people and women

Monique Gbekia, President, Freedom and Democracy for the Republic (LIDER), Ivory Coast

Conny Reuter, Secretary General, SOLIDAR


16h50              Key Debate on empowerment of young people and women

Santiago Martin Engono Esono, Secretary General, Youth Organisation of Convergence for Social Democracy (CPDS), Equatorial Guinea

Dimitri Tskitishvili, Member of Parliament, Georgian Dream Party, Georgia

Carly Walker-Dawson, Secretary General, International Falcon Movement – Socialist Educational International (IFM-SEI)

Gabi Weber, Member of Parliament, Speaker for Development Politics, Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), Germany

NN, People’s Movement for Progress (MPP), Burkina Faso

Moderator: Iben Merrild, Acting International Secretary, Social Democratic Party, Denmark


18h00              End of the first day


19h30             Reception

Venue : Garden of Hotel Palace


Saturday, 13 October (without press)


09h00              Workshop of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation “The Future of Migration Policy : the Role of Trade Unions to Improve the Working Conditions and the Integration of Migrants”

with Hans-Joachim Preuss, Resident Representative of the FES-Cotonou, Martine Yabré, Gouvernance Expert, Rosine Coulibaly, Sociologist, Project Manager at the Trade Union Confederation of Burkina (CSB), Lina Zekri, Consultant Expert

Venue : Hotel Palace


12h00              Lunch at Hotel


13h00              Field visit and discussion

Visit of a social project for women and young people living in the neighbourhood of a dam located about 40 kilometers from Ouagadougou.


16h00              End of the seminar



Draft Program
List Of Participants
Technical Details
Resolution Africa
Resolution Migration