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Resolution on Argentina

The Progressive Alliance expresses its concern at the deep economic and political crisis faced by the Republic of Argentina as a result of the neoliberal measures introduced by the national government.

The external debt level, capital flight, uncontrolled inflation and high interest rates have led to the closure of many companies, a massive loss of jobs, a massive layoff of workers and economic adjustment measures to the detriment of public education, health, science and technology, as well as a loss of purchasing power of the population.

In view of the government’s insistence on ratifying an economic course that will deepen the crisis and cause unpredictable consequences.

The Progressive Alliance calls on the Argentinian government

  • To convene a roundtable for dialogue and consultation with the political parties of the opposition and labour, industrial and social partner organisations with the aim to change the economic direction and to find consensus policies to overcome the current crisis, with a focus on the rights of the Argentinian people instead of the dictates of the IMF and the markets.
Resolution on Argentina