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Santo Domingo


The representatives of the Progressive Alliance, an organization that brings together 140 progressive, socialist, social democratic and social democratic political parties from the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania, meeting in Santo Domingo de Guzmán, Dominican Republic, express their deep concern about the events that led the Central Electoral Board (CEB) to suspend the municipal elections of February 16. In view of these regrettable circumstances, the Alianza Progresista supports its member party PRM and demands that the importance of the rescheduling of the municipal elections for the 15th of this month of March be recognized and hopes that on this date the vote will be held with the strictest adherence to the democratic rules that demand free, fair and transparent elections.

Our organization, as well as all the political parties that are part of it, will continue to closely follow the evolution of the electoral campaign towards the congressional and presidential elections to be held on 17 May and express their confidence that the authorities will also guide these elections with the care that an exemplary democratic path demands. In this context, we take this opportunity to welcome the significant electoral progress and the successes achieved by the Modern Revolutionary Party which, only five years after its foundation, has become the main opposition party and the true hope of the Dominican people to conquer and bring to power the authentic values of ethical, participatory and pluralistic democracy. PRM and its presidential candidate Luis Abinader, once elected, will put into practice – as established in their government programme – progressive structural reforms that will facilitate the eradication of poverty, the reduction of inequality, the creation of quality jobs, the effective separation of powers of the State and a real and effective fight against corruption and impunity, crime and insecurity.

Likewise, we will continue to defend every effort to achieve, in the Dominican Republic and in all countries, fair play in electoral processes and unrestricted respect for the sovereign will of citizens freely expressed at the ballot box. This is a demand for good governance and sustainable democracy.

Santo Domingo, 5 March 2020