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The Second Wave in India: What Went Wrong? Prof. D. K. Giri

The Second Wave in India: What Went Wrong? Prof. D. K. Giri   Indians as well as world leaders were wonder-struck by the savagery of the second wave that... Read more

Argentina and Covid 19

By President of the Socialist Party, Argentina (Partido Socialista PS), Antonio Bonfatti Argentina is no stranger to the COVID 19 pandemic, like the rest of the world. The government... Read more

Government and WHO stalled on figures about the reality of the coronavirus in Equatorial Guinea

By Convergence for Social Democracy (CPDS), Equatorial Guinea Malabo, 30 July 2020 The Government and WHO remain at a standstill with regard to figures on the reality of the... Read more

Walls and weapons can’t stop a virus: priorities must change!

By President of Palestinian National Initiative and board member of Progressive Alliance, Mustafa Barghouthi The coronavirus has exposed the naked truth about defective global health, economic, and security systems... Read more

Through the double-crisis

By Secretary of External and International Relations, Member of the Presidency, Movement for Self-Determination!, Kreshnik Ahmeti The red colour of the pandemic started to paint Kosova’s map on the... Read more

Perspectives d’avenir : La pandémie de Corona, une opportunité pour le lancement d’un modèle de développement sur des bases saines (French only)

Par Union socialiste des forces populaires (USFP), Maroc, Driss LACHGUAR, Premier Secrétaire de l’USFP – Mai 2020 Durant plus de trois mois, le monde entier s’est trouvé acculé à... Read more

Desarrollo de la pandemia por covid 19 en México (Spanish only)

Por Fundación de Estudios Políticos, Económicos y Sociales Progresistas (fesesp) y Director de Acción Electoral Integral, México, Roberto Morales Noble Para entender cuál es la situación de la pandemia... Read more

Lives & Livelihoods: India between the Devil and the Deep Sea!

By Secretary General, Association for Democratic socialism, India, Prof. D.K. Giri The first case of covid-19 was detected on 30 January in Kerala, the southern state of India. The... Read more

Segundo pronunciamiento de profesionales de la salud independientes sobre la situación actual del COVID-19 en Nicaragua (Spanish only)

Publicado por Movimiento de Renovación Sandinista (MRS), Nicaragua 18 de mayo de 2020 Nosotros, profesionales nicaragüenses de la salud, ante la emergencia sanitaria que presenta el país a causa... Read more

„In this crisis we are slipping into over-optimism about the economy & over-pessimism about debt“

Wayne Swan, Australian Labor Party (ALP) National President First published by The Guardian on 9 May 2020   The great recession was followed by Brexit, the election of Donald... Read more