Progressive Alliance Convention, 15 November 2019, Stockholm, Sweden

Event Date   15. – 16.11.2019
© Maurice Weiss @ Ostkreuz

A Progressive Agenda for the Future of Work, Sustainability and Solidarity

Dear comrades and dear friends,

It is an extraordinary pleasure to invite you to the Progressive Alliance Convention “A Progressive Agenda for the Future of Work, Sustainability and Solidarity” on 15 November 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden. We are honored that our host is the Swedish Social Democratic Party (SAP) with its Chair and Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Löfven.

At this Convention we would like to discuss the challenges for our movement in particular regarding the pressing issues of digitisation and the future of work, climate change and a sustainable world society, as well as our fight for a free, just and peaceful future.

We are living in a time of deep transformation: the working environment is changing everywhere and therefore societies are changing as well. Digitisation has raised hopes and fuelled fears at the same time. Because robots do not sleep, they never get sick – and they do not pay taxes. However, life and actions of a community are being financed through human work. This is only one example of the challenges we are facing in times of digitisation. How will we be able to shape these huge upheavals caused by the digital revolution in a social and fair way worldwide – this debate and a comprehensive positioning is crucial.

Especially when it is about defending our values against the enemies of democracy, justice and peace our movement has shown strength and unity in order to shape social change in solidarity as well as formulating realistic and at the same time visionary answers to the big challenges of our time. That is why at our Convention we want to discuss new ways towards a social and sustainable transformation which will have to go hand in hand with a democratic and economic renewal.

At the same time we have to prepare our common network for these challenges at the organisational level for the years ahaed. Therefore, we would like to deliberate on the political agenda of the Progressive Alliance in order to create the basis for cross-border dialogue, worldwide cooperation and international solidarity of the progressive, social democratic and socialist forces.

On the first day, 15 November 2019, we will elect also a new Board at the Steering Committee meeting which is the general assembly of the Progressive Alliance. Finally, the new Board of the Progressive Alliance will convene on the same day. All party leaders are also cordially invited to attend this meeting.

Dear comrades, dear friends, we live in a time of a global epochal transformation which will bring about far-reaching changes. It is up to us to shape this epochal transformation in a free, just and fair way. In order to succeed we need a strong cohesion of progressive forces. Let us join forces and tackle this task at our Convention in Stockholm.

With greetings in solidarity,

Konstantin Woinoff


PDF-READER: Faces of Progressive Politics
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Guiding Principles of the Progressive Alliance
Political Working Agenda of the Progressive Alliance
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