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Progressive 4D

Progressive 4D

International Day of Peace

Peace & Security. Episode 10. Bohdan Ferens: The Struggle for Peace and Recovery in Ukraine

Listen to it:   Also on Google Podcasts: Spotify: On International Day of Peace, we dedicate an episode of our podcast series on Peace & Security to... Read more

Peace & Security. Episode 9. Devriş Çimen: democracy in Turkey for peace and security for all

Listen to it: or on : Google Podcasts: Spotify: For the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), the upcoming presidential elections in Turkey are an opportunity to initiate democratic... Read more

Ukraine War Unabated: Consequences for India. By Prof. Dr. D.K. Giri

Published on 21 June in Brighter Kashmir   The war in Ukraine continues unabated. There are no signs of a ceasefire or conclusion to the deadly and devastating war.... Read more
Peace & Security

Defending Japan’s Peace Constitution: Regional security and peace in East Asia. By Shôichi Kondô

108 years ago, in August of 1914, World War I broke out. At the time, advanced modern weaponry such as planes, tanks, and chemical weapons produced an unprecedented number... Read more
Peace & Security

Now is the time to talk peace. By Anna Sundström, Olof Palme International Center

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Olof Palme’s Independent Commission on Disarmament and Security Issues. The Commission presented its report in 1982, at the height of the Cold... Read more
Peace & Security

Peace & Security. Episode 4. Sharan Burrow: a New Social Contract for Peace & Security

Listen to it: or On Spotify: In this podcast, Sharan Burrow articulates Peace and Security around a New Social Contract for workers based on social justice, rights and... Read more

Peace, the unwaivable battle. By Hana Jalloul – PSOE

Article published in El Diario on 15 March 2022 Hana Jalloul PSOE Secretary for International Policy and Development Cooperation What has become crystal clear is that we already knew... Read more
Peace & Security

Peace & Security. Episode 3. Udo Bullmann: a progressive approach of security to ensure peace.

Listen to it: or on Spotify: Based on the German social democratic model, Udo Bullmann presents his vision for securing peace. He develops a progressive approach of security,... Read more
Peace & Security

Peace & Security Podcasts. Episode 2. Andreas Schieder, war in Ukraine: the EU, the Global Progressive Forum and Austrian neutrality.

Listen to it: or on Spotify: For Andreas Schieder, the recent aggression of Putin’s authoritarian regime on Ukraine forces progressives around the world to reaffirm our commitment to... Read more
Diplomacy Defence Disarmament Devlopment

Investing in defence to ensure peace and prosperity, not to make war. By Hélène Conway-Mouret

Excerpt: ‘We – European progressives – have something to contribute on these eminently regal subjects of peace and war. Defence is everybody’s business and cannot remain the prerogative of... Read more